HURILAWS being involved in advocacy for the review of the 1999 Constitution imposed on the country by the military. HURILAWS’ has advocated for a process led and participatory approach to constitution making in Nigeria. Constitution making in Nigeria should not be a secret affair dominated and directed by the political elite especially conservative lawyers and politicians, but should be guided by the principles of inclusivity, diversity, transparency, openness, autonomy, accountability and legitimacy. HURILAWS has produced a Model Constitution to enrich the conversations and discussions in respect of constitutional reform in Nigeria. HURILAWS also published a Civic Education Manual for the Legal Community on Constitutional matters in 2002.

With governments renewed commitment to ensuring a people’s constitution. HURILAWS is committed to helping to create a mechanism to engage all relevant stakeholders towards constitutional reform by facilitating a coalescing of civil society groups and professional associations. HURILAWS’ believes that by raising public consciousness and expanding the base for united action, the constitutional review project will benefit the Nigerian people as a whole and makes more feasible the consolidation of democracy in Nigeria. For more on HURILAWS contribution to the current debate on Constitution amendments.

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