HURILAWS publishes the HURILAWS Newsletter, a quarterly review of human rights law and practice. The publication is primarily directed at the legal community. As part of the campaign to disseminate developments in human rights and public interest law, HURILAWS has published a number of books, which include but not limited to:

1.       HURILAWS Legislative Agenda for Good Governance in Nigeria (1999)
2.        Advancing Human Rights in the Fourth Republic: Prospects and Challenges (1999)
3.        Proposed Model Constitution (2000)
4.        Model Electoral Law for Nigeria (Proposed for Adoption) (2001)
5.        Controlling Epidemic Corruption in Nigeria (1999)
6.        Proposed Model Civil Procedure Rules
7.        Citizens' National Assembly Handbook (2001)
8.        Legislative Advocacy for Good Governance (2003-2007)
9.        Governance Scorecard Report (2000, 2001 & 2002 editions)
10.        Budget Analysis: Test for Progressive Realization of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2001)
11.       Managing Election Conflicts in Nigeria (2002).
12.        Legal Advisory Services for prisoners (2003)
13.        Managing Election Conflicts in Nigeria (Revised Edition) (2003)
14.        Where did we go wrong? A Review of the 2003 General Elections in Nigeria (2004)
15.        Model Electoral Law for Nigeria (Revised) (2001)
16.        Model Civil Procedure Rules (2001)
17.        Manual on Election Petitions (2003)
18.        Electoral Act 2002 at a Glance (2003)
19.        Legal Advisory Manual for Prisoners (2003)
20.        Handbook on Death Penalty: Towards a Moratorium in Nigeria (2003)
21.        Local Government Administration and Development (2004)
22.        The Rope: (2004)
23.        Contextualizing NEEDS Economic/Political Reform in Nigeria (2004)
24.        Travesty of Justice ( 2004)
25.        Controlling Endemic Corruption in Nigeria - Revised Edition (April 2005).
26.        On the Gallows: Advocacy book on death penalty abolition. (May 2005)
27.        Enforcing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Nigeria: Rhetorics or Reality? (2005)
28.        HURILAWS Annual Report and Accounts (2002-2004)
29.        Proposed Draft Election Petition Rules (2006)
30.      Manual on Election Petitions in Nigeria (A Toolkit for the Legal Community - Revised Edition) (2006)
31.        Justice through Injustice: Re-examining the Holding Charge (2006)
32.        Manual on Election Petitions in Nigeria (A Toolkit for the Legal Community - RE-PRINT Revised Edition) (2007)
33.        Budget Analysis II (1999-2007) Test for Progressive Realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria. (2007)
34.        Abridge and Simplified Administration of Criminal Justice Bill (2007)
35.        Policy Document on Advocacy for Women's Inheritance Rights in South East, Nigeria (2007)
36.        The Judicial Application of Election and Court Practice Directions 2007 (A Diagnostic Analysis of Select Decisions of the Court of Appeal and
        Supreme Court and Practical Assessment of the Practice Directions) (2008)
37.       Report on Monitoring Election Petitions Across States in Nigeria (June  - December, 2007) Published in 2008
38.       Advocacy Manual on Death Penalty Application in Nigeria (Published in 2010)
39.     Nigeria and the Death Penalty (The Case for Abolition) Published in 2010

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